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My Commitment To The Hounds

Countless thousands of homeless Basset Hounds across America, and around the world, languish in animal shelters, longing for a loving family and home. Perhaps you have long wanted to offer a needy Basset his or her “forever home.”


The Literary Basset, and Basset Hound Books, offer online resources on their care and feeding, and will guide and encourage present and future Basset parents. Filled with engaging photos, stunning videos, and dozens of useful web-links to Basset behavior, these books define history, nourishment and supplements, care and grooming, and offer discussions of issues behavioral and medical. And, as a reader, you may share and contribute to our blogs and newsletters.

NS Johnson with his hounds
About N.S. Johnson

 A caregiver to homeless Basset Hounds for 19 years,  N.S. Johnson has written a set of books on the care and understanding of the breed,  featuring photographs, videos, and web links packed with useful information about Bassets. Visit "Your Select Guide to Basset Hounds" on Amazon

Author, radio broadcaster and  Grammy-nominated record producer,  N.S. Johnson is an independent writer/publisher of fiction and non- fiction. The author of several novels and screenplays,  Johnson’s most recently published work is a best-selling collection of short stories, One Before  Bedtime: Tales of Mystery, Fantasy, and  Suspense  (Amazon).

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